Willie & Rosalind Graham

It is a rare thing to meet someone who sees the potential–the ‘gold’, if you will,  in others.  It is rarer STILL when they take the time to help you see it in yourself; and then draw it out for the whole world to see. 

Willie and Rosalind Graham were those people. My big sister Rosalind encouraged me to use my voice at a young age. She was also instrumental in helping Cora shape her gift as well. Always looking for a chance to ‘put you on the spot’, she and husband Willie made me the announcer for BOTH of their public access TV programs. Talk about a ‘battlefield promotion’! 

Sometimes all we need is a chance–or we need someone to take a chance on us. I am here because Willie and Rosalind did just that. They put faith in an unruly hippie who had a dream, and they helped make that dream come true. I hope to be found doing the same for someone else.