HERB has been making strange noises and entertaining the voices in his head for nearly all of his life. Along with his good-natured and spunky personality, Herb brings over twenty-five years of experience in radio, gaming, animation, audiobooks, live-announcing, audio description, radio imaging,  and commercials.  Herb is most prolific in the field of audio description, where his voice has been featured in countless films,  TV shows, and documentaries, including the 2022 Academy Awards, the 75th Tony Awards, and the Grammy Awards serving the visually impaired. For the past eleven years, he has been a recurring description voice for the world-renowned Tournament Of Roses Parade.

Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Herb currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Cora, and their tribe of grown children. When Herb’s not singing tenor in his church’s choir or jamming to John Lee Hooker in LA traffic, you can find him practicing to be the next voice of Victor Von Doom (Dr. Doom). Hey, anything’s possible!