Don’t take our word on it, take our clients’ word!

It’s easy to tell you how great we are. Here’s what other people think of our services:


“Thanks so much! Your voice is perfect and we look forward to working with you.”- Shannon Roche, Fifth Pocket Productions


” Hi Herb–a few more people around the office wanted to pass along compliments about the Professor’s voice. They all really liked it!”

Tim Perreault, Ph03nix New Media

Whether you’re looking for a deep, terror-inspiring voice of doom, a light comedic take, something for animation or that golden voice to tell you all about a luxury car, Herb Merriweather can deliver.

Chris Snyder, Award Winning Producer


“We like your deep tone and the way you can obviously have fun with the words of our game, Pop Social”

Michelle Archer, Custard 


“All I can say is I can’t stop grinning with joy for the great job you did on everything! Absolutely awesome!”

– Nawania Lyles–Producer; Radio Personality


“Herb does a great job, takes direction well, and he’s exceedingly pleasant and fun. Best of all, my client loves his work”

– Jeff Hall, President MAXIMUS Media, Inc. CA